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Be the Next Star on the Stage

Did you ever want to be on stage? Or maybe be the next star of Asia's Got Talent? Before you can take the leap to the stage you need to have the technique of a performer, here are some of the various things you learn in our performing arts classes:

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Enfiniti Academy Turns 8!

Enfiniti Academy recently celebrated our 8th Anniversary! We commemorated the occasion on our Semester 3 Performance Class where we also invited many of our alumni to join us and perform or give a speech. Take a look at all the videos from the night in the playlist below! We are grateful to be continuing to inspire creativity in our students for the past 8 years.

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Voice Acting for Animation Workshop

Voice Acting for Animation Workshop – From My Standpoint

Not many people know this, but I have always had this dream of joining the gang at Sesame Street. A childhood dream of working with the Muppets grew into a woman’s dream of being the voice of any one of the cuddly Ewoks. When the notice on the Enfiniti Academy Voice Acting for Animation Workshop came up, I was both nervous and excited; nervous to start learning something that I had never explored before, and excited at the possibility of discovering hidden talents.

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Effective Communication, Team Building and Leadership through PLAY!

PLAY! is a Drama-Based Leadership & Communication Programme for the corporate sector. This programme is to harness an individual’s power to communicate, borrowing from the actor’s skill set of confidence, creativity, clarity, conviction and charisma. The experience encourages oneself to build confidence and soft skills through experiential skills. Under PLAY! individuals get to gain from the programmes through Presentation skills, Team Building, Effective Communication, Creative Thinking and Leadership Development.

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Enfiniti PLAY

Corporate Training Has Never Been This Fun

There I was, nodding off halfway through the session, although the training topic was interesting, the training itself was not keeping me engaged. Joining the rest of the participants, we sat down around 3 tables and listened to the speaker, and participated whenever necessary. Taking down notes and doing short group activities was interesting at that point in time, but my takeaways have not exactly stuck with me long term.

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