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Enfiniti Academy Turns 8!

Enfiniti Academy recently celebrated our 8th Anniversary! We commemorated the occasion on our Semester 3 Performance Class where we also invited many of our alumni to join us and perform or give a speech. Take a look at all the videos from the night in the playlist below! We are grateful to be continuing to inspire creativity in our students for the past 8 years.

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Effective Communication, Team Building and Leadership through PLAY!

PLAY! is a Drama-Based Leadership & Communication Programme for the corporate sector. This programme is to harness an individual’s power to communicate, borrowing from the actor’s skill set of confidence, creativity, clarity, conviction and charisma. The experience encourages oneself to build confidence and soft skills through experiential skills. Under PLAY! individuals get to gain from the programmes through Presentation skills, Team Building, Effective Communication, Creative Thinking and Leadership Development.

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Raising The Bar For Malaysian Arts

Striving to be the best, Tiara Jacquelina, the founder of Enfiniti Academy, aims to break traditions and create platforms for the new generation of Malaysian talents. Through Enfiniti Academy, her mission is to nurture new talents for the Malaysian local arts and entertainment industry. And to provide holistic learning to contribute to the development of our future leaders with communication and critical thinking skills. Let’s see how she plans to raise the bar.

How did you get the idea to set up Enfiniti Academy?

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