Emotional Expression Through Singing | By Songstress Tria Aziz

Award-winning singer Tria Aziz has been a stage performer, vocalist and vocal coach for over 20 years.

"I have always used my voice to express any unexplained emotions that I feel. Whether it was sadness or delight, my voice has been a special tool. It is somewhat a primal necessity for anyone to have access to this kind of freedom to use their voice as an emotional outlet

A baby must cry to communicate its wishes to be held or its needs for food. Imagine being told that you can’t use your voice since young. Well, actually, this is not something unusual right? Everyone must have experienced that one person who would yell at us to “STOP CRYING!” or “BE QUIET” at least once or twice in our lives. 

When we swallow our pent up emotions, our breathing mechanism changes. We would store these unbridled feelings when we were told they were wrong. So what happened was the normal diaphragmatic support became overwhelmed with stored stress. Our breathing became shallower and shallower as we grew up. Instead of using our entire lungs, we end up using just a quarter of its capacity or maybe less.

So, why does singing make people happier? Simply because there is a small release of this stored stress. As you learn to own your vocal sounds and nuances, you learn to relax the diaphragm too, which will lead to a relaxation of the muscles. 

Singing releases endorphins, those feel-good chemicals in the brain. Because of the deep breathing needed to sing, your lungs will draw more oxygen into the blood and cause better circulation; it's also an aerobic activity and a natural stress-reducer

We sing when we praise the Lord, we sing when we cry at funerals, we sing at weddings, we sing when we shower in the morning. Singing is like letting go of inhibitions and accepting our emotional needs. It is like defying the voice that once warned us a long time ago that our feelings were not true. It is like we are reclaiming our rights to express ourselves in the most beautiful of ways. That is why singing is important to me. It keeps me happy."


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