Towards Theatre of Conscience

“Conscience is the voice of God in the soul” - James H. Aughey

Ever since the early theatre of Ancient Greece, morality, ethics and the idea of what is right and what is wrong has permeated theatre. As a topic, it has spawned some of theatre’s greatest and most thought-provoking works and playwrights. From 500 years BC to the present day, many plays have asked more from its audience in terms of challenging perceptions of what is right and what is wrong. 

Plays that examine those aspects, might be socially disturbing. It triggers questions on self-values or those of other people. Subjects where the playwright has placed difficult choices before the characters and the audience. Choices that can and will affect the heart and the soul. Choices that, once made, a person will have to live with, maybe for the rest of his/her life.

Thought-provoking theatre has great educational value. Especially amongst youngsters, the chance to be exposed to more spiritual and more significant ideas about life, society and humanity than they can normally experience is, in itself, both entertaining and socially beneficial.

Challenging theatre is looked up to. The entertainment value may be less but things unattainable and of prestigious value are always aspirational. Association with such matters, places a theatre, as an art, on a higher level.  And while several of the plays may be from many years ago, the topics remain remarkably topical and still reflect our lives today.

A Master-Class on Theatre Conscience 

Beginning June, a series of ten Masterclasses on Theatre of Conscience by Professor Paul Loosley will take place at Enfiniti Academy; which gives a wonderful and unique opportunity to take a voyage of discovery into the serious side of theatre that is rarely exposed or found in Malaysia.

Theatre of Conscience tends to be associated with altruism and philanthropy. Allowing the cultural, spiritual and educational value to be made available, is how to contribute to the community and the nation. 

In this Masterclass, a selection of plays which best sum up the idea of conscience will be introduced. It will then, to examine four specific plays in detail; that cover such topics as religion, politics, social balance and race. Practically, to analyse the playwright’s objectives; the characters, language, design and, of course, performance. Opportunities to discuss, create, act and study in depth will ultimately culminate in a short show-piece at the end of the classes.

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