Enfiniti Academy Taught Me To Sell My Artwork & Speak Confidently – Rayyan Irfan Chai | Hall of Fame

Rayyan Irfan Chai is a 9-year old Malaysian child artist and actor based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is most known for his beautiful artwork, alongside his mother’sNoor Sarah Reza’s. (Check out Rayyan’s Artwork on his Instagram Art page HERE!)

Rayyan has been drawing since he was only four years old. He draws from his imagination and has created his own style. Rayyan and his mother have also turned his artwork into gorgeous phone cases.

Rayyan recently went viral for his outstanding drawings featuring scenes from P. Ramlee’s iconic films. Rayyan’s favourite P. Ramlee film is Tiga Abdul. However, the first scene that Rayyan drew was from P. Ramlee’s movie Ahmad Albab

We’re proud that Rayyan is part of our Enfiniti Academy Alumni, as he has already accomplished SO much at his young age. Enjoy a video snippet of the full interview below. 


Tell us about yourself.

Hi! My name is Rayyan Irfan Chai and I’m an artist

One of my favourite art pieces that I drew was of a dragon! I was only 6 years old.

How did you first hear about Enfiniti Academy classes and what made you realise that you loved acting?

I first heard about Enfiniti Academy after going to one of your musicals: Ola Bola. So I found your flyers and it was about Enfiniti Academy. Then, that’s how I ended up here! 

Why are the performing arts important to you?

The reason that I like performing is because it’s fun! When you’re performing, you just have to stay in character so that’s not hard. 

When you were performing, were there challenges that you had to go through to pursue your passion?

There were actually (almost) no challenges I had to go through. But the one challenge that I had, was that I had to memorise.

So what do you do, when you want to memorise? 

My grandmother said “If you want to memorise, you just repeat it like 5-10 times.”

What has Enfiniti Academy done for you or taught you in the past that you carry with you now? 

For Speech & Drama, it’s probably to build up my confidence and it helps me to speak better. It also helped me to sell my artwork at Amcorp Mall – You can find us at the Artists’ Corner on weekends (Check THIS out!).

My mom and I turn our artwork into lots of different things, like art cards (reprints of the original works), magnets, bags, notebooks, and more!

What are the highlights from your time with the Academy? Is there something interesting that happened when you were learning under Teacher Joanna or Tria? Like for example, when we shot the showcase last year?

So with Teacher Tria and Teacher Joanna, there are a lot of special moments because we get to meet in online class every weekend. So, all of them! All of the classes have special moments. 

Have you been a part of any Enfiniti Shows? 

Not yet, but hopefully in the future! 

Has the performing arts helped you with your emotional wellbeing and/or physical health? When you act, how do you feel? When you finish a project, does it make you motivated and happy?

After I finish a project, I will feel happy. Because it was worth it. 


Thank you so much Enfiniti Academy & Happy 10th Anniversary! Bye!


(Note: Answers have been edited for clarity and length.)


At Enfiniti Academy, we are very proud of Rayyan and all that he’s already achieved thus far. 

We’re also incredibly happy to celebrate 10 years of producing outstanding, creative leaders!  

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