Learn the Proper Techniques to Sing


Why should one take singing lessons? It benefits those who have a passion for singing, those who want to impress in their next karaoke session and those who want to learn how to use their voice the proper way even when they speak.

Here are some of the things you learn when you take our vocal classes:

  • Vocal Exercises and Warm -ups
  • Proper Breathing Technique
  • Singing Technique
  • Understanding the Voice 
  • Articulation, Pronunciation and Diction
  • Learning to Sing on Pitch
  • Song Study and Interpretation
  • Build Confidence to Sing on Stage
  • Developing Vocal Artistry
  • Determine Singing Range and Voice Type
  • Singing Harmony and Ear Training
  • Making Friends
  • Performance Class/Showcase

Want to know more about the benefits for singing class for you or your child? You can see more benefits here.

To sign up or come for a trial for our next semester email us at enact@enfiniti.com.my  or call 03-61428115. 

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