Effective Communication, Team Building and Leadership through PLAY!

PLAY! is a Drama-Based Leadership & Communication Programme for the corporate sector. This programme is to harness an individual’s power to communicate, borrowing from the actor’s skill set of confidence, creativity, clarity, conviction and charisma. The experience encourages oneself to build confidence and soft skills through experiential skills. Under PLAY! individuals get to gain from the programmes through Presentation skills, Team Building, Effective Communication, Creative Thinking and Leadership Development.

3. PLAY! Team Building

Enfiniti Academy has provided various corporate training programmes for different clients. In May, we conducted an Ice Breaking & Skills Activity session for Maybank Regional during one of their important yearly events, Life Enriching Experience Journey: Leading to the Maybank Group Awards Nite 2017.

We also have completed another session with MDEC on Communication and Presentation Skills Training. In June, we conducted another Presentation Skills and Vocal Training for SP Setia.

1. PLAY! Maybank Team Building

We have had many favourable feedbacks from clients who were exposed to our programme and hope they will continue to engage us as their training partner. They felt the programme was effective and the techniques that were taught benefited not only the individuals but also the company itself. More than 13 companies have experienced the PLAY! programme with Enfiniti Academy.

4. PLAY! Team Building

If your company is experiencing some hurdles; come and experience a whole new programme and learn the techniques that can change the way you and your company can work together as a team. Join us now to book your slot today!

5. PLAY! Team Building
2. PLAY! Maybank Team Buliding

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