Aladdin Reloaded Recap

Enfiniti Academy’s 2016 year end musical, ALADDIN RELOADED was a BIG HIT!

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A BIG SHOUT OUT to all the cast, crew, parents and the entire Enfiniti family for all your LOVE and SUPPORT throughout the production. We are extremely proud of all our students who performed in the show. It just goes to show that with hard work and dedication to one’s craft, you can make something EXTRAVAGANT! Exciting times are ahead for Enfiniti Academy with our upcoming semester classes, new workshops, masterclasses and corporate training, PLAY!

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JUMP ON BOARD and be a part of the Enfiniti Academy family.

Stand a chance to be in our exciting NEW production this year and perform for a big live audience.

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“... it was heartwarming to see the chemistry and energy from the young talents from different backgrounds, who  together with the lead cast, entertained the young and young at heart.” – Anu Venugopal,


“Their younger cast members were especially talented, and they delivered their jokes and punchlines so effortlessly, that even Aiden laughed his head off too! He especially loved that the show was so interactive, with the cast members asking questions to the audience, and even coming down from stage to interact with the crowd. Super proud that Aiden was captivated from start to finish. He was so pumped up after the show that despite it being close to midnight, he was wide awake enough to ask for a photo with the cast and then supper!” – Liz Yahaya,


“But evidently the Malaysian twist pantomime entertained its audience of all ages as the majority of them commended the cast and crew for a phenomenal show. If you’re a fan of Peter Davis, you’ve got to wait until the end of the show because you will (literally) see a different side of him.” – Hana Maher, Malaysian Digest


“The core cast delivered the goods as expected but the ensemble of Enfiniti Academy’s children and youngsters did a great job too. There was much cheering for the good guys and booing of the villains during the two-hour musical.” – Aref Omar, NST



“My favourite scene was when the Genie had to do a ritual to get into a trance – she danced funnily and had her eyes closed!” – eight-year-old Maryam.

“We had so much fun laughing, we don’t know if we’re going to bed when we get home.” – eight-year-old Maryam & six-year-old Anas.

“That was so much fun! I never thought a musical could be this entertaining,” – Raymond Lee, 16 years

“I haven’t seen pantomime in years – it was great seeing it again tonight,” said an elderly British woman, Matilda.

“The kids – so tiny and young – performed flawlessly that it’s actually heartwarming to see. As a parent, I hope they’ll go far in the arts because just by watching this particular show, I can feel their heart, passion and dedication,” a couple from the Petaling Jaya area, praising the young talents of Enfiniti Academy.

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