Meet Faris: Our Aspiring Scriptwriter, Film Director & Actor!

Meet Faris & his dad, Farouk!

Faris is 17 and dreams of becoming a scriptwriter, film director and actor one day. He’s studying our Performing Arts Certificate course and has been with us for nearly three years! 


What’s your name?

My name is Ahmed Faris bin Ahmed Farouk and I’m an aspiring actor. I’ve been with Enfiniti Academy for two years plus. 

How’d you find out about us?

Farouk: We were already searching for places to go, some other theatres, just trying to get more information. So I think eventually, we searched on Google and that’s how we found Enfiniti Academy. Then we registered. 

Enfiniti’s course helped Faris with his writing. Since Faris was small, he had a condition where he couldn't really read in the conventional way. So for him to actually read and write certain stories, is actually quite an achievement. Before Faris started acting here, he started acting in school and he was really jumping into it. To make things more exciting, so yeah. This is his interest and I support him. 

What did you enjoy about our Performing Arts Certificate Course?

Faris: The last time I took a technical class, it was really interesting to learn about the sound, the lighting, the building set, the props and the costumes. I find it very interesting. 

Farouk: It’s a good place for him to start up in this industry. You know, because right now, I’ve been looking into his tertiary studies, looking into universities which have subjects that can be in this industry. This is a good place for him to be introduced to what it takes to be in this industry. Either an actor or director.

What do you see yourself doing in the future?

Faris: I see myself writing a lot, make films, and maybe act in some of them. I love acting, maybe I’ll act on my own or with some other people. 


(Note: Sentences have been edited for clarity.)


We’re overjoyed to have played a part in inspiring Faris to read and write stories, and overcome his learning difficulties. 

We fully support you and will help you achieve your dreams, Faris!  

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